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Hopkinton Faire 2011

We went to the Hopkinton Faire over Labor Day weekend.  I went often as a kid and we have taken Cole and Charlotte for the past four years.  We usually try to get there when it opens at 8am for several reasons: to avoid long lines, large crowds, and not get too hot.  We were off to a slow start that morning so  we didn't actually get there until 10.  No lines and manageable crowds but it was so hot!  Like not fun hot.  It was ok by the animals but by the games and rides it was uncomfortable.  We all still had a good time though but were thankful for air conditioning when we got back to the car!

We took time to pet the new calf. It was SO sweet! I always love how gentle Cole is with the little animals. Whatever rough and tumble boy he is elsewhere, with little kids and animals he is the sweetest!

 When Cole was on the tractor I told him about the first time we took him to a fair (Topsfield) when he was just 14 months old.  He sat on one of the tractors there and would not get off!  He cried and cried when we said we had to go.  Not so much anymore but Cole did laugh at the story when I told him.
Cole really wanted to play one of the games at the midway. Everything is so expensive that we told them they could do two rides or in Cole's case a game and a ride.  But picking which one was even harder.  It all hinged on the prize he would get at the end of it. He spied the shooting one where he thought he would get an Angry Bird if he won, but the guy manning the booth told him he had to win twice and two people had to play of course.  No one else was lined up to play and that meant he had to play two times (hence no ride). We started to walk on.  The guy yelled to Brendan and Brendan made a deal.  One game, Brendan would play against Cole and of course Cole would win.  Hence the Angry Bird. Cole was ecstatic! 

Charlotte picked the spinning strawberry for her first ride.  This little three year old cracks me up. She loves spinning and fast rides!

 And they both choose the crazy roller coaster as their second ride.  

As luck would have it, some guy gave us his extra tickets so both of them got to do a third thing.  Life is great that way. :)  I actually could have gotten onto the carousal with Charlotte for free but she waved me off, wanting to go by herself.  Sniff, sniff!  Miss Independent!

The food is one of the best parts of the fair. I won't tell you how much we indulged ourselves but suffice it to say we were all very happy at the end.  Hey, the fair is only  once a year!


Lisa said...

That photo of Charlotte on the carousel is framable!! love it! as well as Cole double fisting yummy fair food! Good times!

Katrina said...

The food at the fair is definitely the best!! I remember how hot it was that day so I give you all extra bonus points for still smiling in all your pictures. :)

Katrina said...

P.S. I really love that bottom picture of the 2 of them. You always do a great job of capturing their personalities.