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A new season of soccer

Classic Cole pose.
Cole's in U8 soccer this year on the black and gold team aka the Bruins (so called by Brendan and Cole).  The team is comprised of six and seven year olds and what a difference from U6 soccer!  The skills, the speed, the coordination, the intensity.  It is still a ton of fun for Cole but it is definitely more work.  The field is twice the size of what it was last year and the nets are three times bigger.  The 7 year olds tend to dominate the game but Cole holds his own that's for sure.  Brendan is an assistant coach this year and having fun with it too. Cole loves having Brendan as a coach.  Unfortunately some of the games clash with Brendan's football schedule so he had to miss the first game.  

 Cole was thrilled to play goalie for a portion of the game.    Of course when the ball was at the other end of the field he could be found eating his shirt (haha!), doing somersaults, or something else.  Gotta keep warmed up I guess!  He was always ready when the ball game toward him though and as the season progresses he is learning how to stop the ball more and more from going in the net.

Cole kicked it in from the sidelines and then proceeded to get a goal. I didn't get a picture of him cheering because I was too busy clapping and cheering for him!

 But here's a pretty happy face afterwards.

 They still all tend to bunch up after the ball. :)

 Still a little boy. :)

They had a great game and everyone had a lot of fun!  Cole loves soccer season!

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Katrina said...

They look like pros out there in their uniforms. :) He's such a cutie!