Super Sevins


What can I say? I have cute kids.

 A couple weeks ago my Mom turned 60 (sorry Mom, the secret is out).  We all went out to dinner at Surf in Nashua which was super delicious.  The kids were so well behaved- it is times like that that I am so proud of them.  There are only a small amount of times (out of all of the times we are in public) that I want to hide in hole due to their behavior. :)  Not this time.  They are awesome kids.  
 Sometimes Charlotte gives a little too much love.

 I hope that strawberry red hair stays around for a long time. I do love it so!

 The next day Dakota and Mimi visited.  My mom wanted a picture of Dakota to frame.  I hope this one fits what she wanted! (She's sans computer right now so I'll have to show this to her in person!)

 I think they are ready for a dog of their own!

 First day of dance class!  The five girls (middle two and bottom three) from last year's class are back with the addition of now four new girls. The two new ones signed up after the first class and one of them is one of Charlotte's besties, Kendall.  Charlotte is SO excited to have Kendall in class.
Miss Laura is on maternity leave right now so it is Miss Cookie and Miss Kendall teaching the class. It involves a lot more technique this year with of course lots of fun.  Charlotte is so enjoying it and greatly looks forward to every Saturday morning!

There's always a lollipop at the end of class!

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Katrina said...

They're adorable. The top pictures look like they're straight out of a catalog!