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Apple Picking

 Amazingly, we have only gone apple picking once this fall.  I guess we are spoiled with having several farms in our town and we can just go to the farm stands and pick out fresh apples whenever we want.  We only need the experience of picking ourselves one time really!    At the end of last month the Rogers' had their annual Apple Party.  Lisa makes all of these heavenly apple treats and then we go apple picking.  She made these apple grilled cheese sandwiches with cinnamon butter that were to die for.  Amazing!  Lisa definitely inspires me with her cooking!  After eating we went to Ellwood Orchards.  It's more hidden than Mac's which tends to attract a lot of out of towners so we avoid it more often.  Ellwood is beautiful. They also have a corn maze which we haven't done yet but usually do closer to Halloween.  I'll bring my phone in case we need to call 911 or something. haha.

 Charlotte LOVES fresh apples!  I think she ate two that afternoon.

 The experience of reaching up and climbing the trees to pick up apples so great. We went right for the tall trees and filled up half a bag before realizing they weren't Cortlands.  Cortlands are my personal fav.

 We stuffed the bag to the very top and then went on a hayride around the farm.

 The corn stalks on the right are the corn maze. I think it is 8 square acres this year.

 Happy and Silly face pictures!

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