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Every year for the past 3 years the Sevins have either "free" Canobie tickets via an auction or have actually received free tickets from the owners.    We look forward to going every year. This year because of schedules etc we wound up going in September instead of July.  I much perferred this! Even though this particular day was much hotter than a normal September it was so much more tolerable than a hot July.  All of the kids (well, except Addison) are old enough to go on all of the rides they want to (well, ok, Cameron and Cole were not old enough for the roller coasters or the swinging pirate ship or, okay, let's face it- these kids are daredevils!).  We stayed from noon to closing and had a great time!
The first ride we went on was the ferris wheel. All of the girls when on together (Cole took the picture).  I don't care how sturdy that ferris wheel is, I was so nervous every time Charlotte or Olivia moved around.  I was happy every time we swung down to the bottom!

Canobie has a lot to do for all ages.  The kiddie area is pretty big.  Charlotte was also happy to go on the log ride this year which she loved!

 This one make me laugh every time.

 The girls and I opted NOT to go on the haunted mine ride. I try to avoid anything haunted in general. Just not my idea of fun no matter how cheesy it may be.  The canoe rides were more their style and they must have ridden this thing continuously seven times before every one got out.

 Yay for six grandchildren (and Katrina! :) )

  Pretty sure the next three were taken by Charlotte or Olivia.

 Cole's attempt at taking a pic of Brendan and Damien on the roller coaster.

 It was warm but by no means warm enough to go on this water ride.  Aidyn and Cameron tested fate and waited until the last second to run away.  Aidyn did get soaked. It was funny.

 I never could stomach these spinny rides.  This thing goes up and down and spins continuously.  Ug. Just make me sick just thinking about it. Cole, Cameron, and even Aidyn loved it though.

 Brendan and Damien dragged me on this thing. I'm glad I went but oh my goodness.  You got up the hill at a 90 degree angle and it propels you over into an inverted decline.  Crazy and so fun!

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Lisa said...

Looks like a really fun family day! I am jealous that EVERYONE loved going on rides.. sigh, some day! otherwise Cole and I are going alone!