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Pre Halloween Festivities

Brendan and I lived in an apartment in downtown Salem when we were about 24 to 26 years old.  We had big Halloween parties and loved it there.  It was fabulous.  Ah, I miss those days of living in the "city" sometimes.  Even when it is not Halloween Salem is an awesome place to  live.... right on the water, fantastic restaurants, history, it's by Boston, it has grand parks... I could go on and on.  When we decided to buy a townhouse we knew we wanted to be in Salem still but knew that was even temporary because while Salem is a great place for young folks, it was not a place to raise children.  Hence, we are where we are. And I LOVE it here too for the time in our lives that we are now in.  Anyway! I digress.  Salem is after all a very Halloween-esque town and they do it up.  I am not a fan of the witch stuff, or of the scary, bloody stuff. I hate it.  I do like the history, and the fun of Halloween and of Salem.  And so, we go back to Salem every Halloween with the kids where they dress up and we have some fun.  This year we invited some friends to come along with us.  This year it was the Hynds (minus Robin :( ), the Lindholms, and the Batts.  And we brought Sam and Miesee with us too.  The kids all dressed up.  We did some Halloween things.  Dianna, Darlene, and I got a beer at Salem Beer Works while the Dads took the kids through the Pirate museum (as Sam reported to Abby later, "They were off drinking.").   We ate at the best hot dog place EVER.  It gave the kids another excuse to dress up.  They loved it. Although it was really hot, so Cole's costume came off in the first 6 minutes we were there.    
There are definite things I miss about that place, about that time in our lives together, but of course I wouldn't trade anything for the place, the home, the family we have now.  Sigh. Sniff.  

This cracked me up. Mason could not stop touching this mask. He was very intrigued.

There was a lot of posing in front of scary costumes or statues. 

Buddies.  Aren't they cute?! Ahem. 

There was a street performer/magician that I was sure was going to have a heart attack from the heat and the yelling he was doing.  It was a little intense.  The kids loved it and Mason could be heard giggling.
Jake's face pretty much sums up what the adults were feeling.  
"What is up with this guy?"

There is the obligatory posing in front of Samantha.  

Our last stop of the evening was at a frozen custard place which was phenomenal.  I'm going back just for that!


Abby Chau said...

Yeah! I have been waiting for this post but didn't want to ask for it :) Looks so fun. Your pics are pretty good considering you were drinking all day :)

Lisa said...

Too fun! I need to get there during Halloween! Looks like all the kids had a great time.. and the adult bar hoppers too :)