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Columbus Day on the Kanc

Yes, I realize I am WAY behind on blogging.  Oh well!  
On Columbus Day we drove up to the Kanc.  We visited a couple places and the kids had a great time. They always do when they are together.
We drove up all together in our car. I sat between Olivia and Charlotte.  An hour and half is a long time. :)  We entertained ourselves with I Spy, playing with my phone, and letting them take turns with Cole's camera.  
Damien had the good idea to build a dam with the rocks and to see happens with the water when it is blocked and then unblocked.  So scientific! I love it!


 The girls took turns throwing big rocks in a making ginormous splashes.

Charlotte thought this leaf was pretty funny.

 On the way up. 

 And on the way down.  Those girls are so lucky!

We had a great time.  I love it up there.

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Mom said...

Can you imagine if your parents had stayed in Illinois!!? I often wonder what we would have done that could even come close to a hike like that!