Super Sevins


Easy...Easy like Saturday afternoon.

On the 22nd Brendan went down to Gillette for the annual UNH vs UMass football game.  I opted to stay home this year and I'm glad I did because the kids and I had a really really nice day.  We had soccer, then dance, then a Halloween kids concert with some friends.  The kids LOVE Steve Blunt.  His songs are nothing to write home about but they are catchy and they've listened to his cd a gazillion times.  The concert was over at 1 and we went back home for a little while to have lunch and relax.  Charlotte decided to pick up all of the red and yellow flowers in the backyard. It kept her entertained for quite awhile!  
After some debate between going to the Windham rail trail with bikes or going to Mack's walking trails, we convinced Charlotte to go to the walking trails.  I am so glad we did!!  I had never been on these trails and it was perfect.  It was a little over a 1 mile walk to a pond and then 1 mile back. Perfect for these kids.  Cole was designated as the leader since he had been back there before and off we went.  He  took us around all of the mud. If I tried to veer around the mud a different way I was told to get back in line.  haha.

 Who needs school pictures?!
I swear I only asked Cole to smile in front of this area and he just knelt down and gave me this!  Love it!

 I am trying to remember what Cole was doing in the pic on the left. It looks like the pledge of allegiance but it wasn't.  I have to start blogging right after I take photos so I can record this! 

 Charlotte complained a little.  I gave her a big stick and told her it was a giraffe from the Disney Epcot parade. She thought this was a hoot and carried it the whole way after that.  I really had to convince her at the end to leave it in the woods and not bring it home.

 This is what you come to after the 1 mile mark.  I think we'll come back fishing maybe in the spring!  Cole thought you could go swimming but no thank you- looks like it would be a little grimy!  There is also a big waterfall and a little bridge.  We walked a little further and came to some extremely muddy parts with no way around so we had to turn back.  We spent some time throwing rocks into the pond.  This will always entertain kids!   We hadn't seen anyone else as we were walking to the pond but saw a number of folks as we were at the pond and then walking back.  We even saw a former co-worker of mine! Small world. 
 We harvested pussy willows.  They pretended they were toasted marshmallows on a stick.  

 Proof we did it!

 We took another break on the way back at this low hanging tree and the kids pretended here for a little bit.

 But, oh, the fun really began when we got out of the trail and were walking back across the field.  Cole kept trying to carry Charlotte and hilarity ensued.  They wanted to walk to the hill and roll down and this is how they wanted to get there. 

 Oh, they DO love each other!

They made it!

We went back to the house, ordered pizza, and crashed on the couch to watch a movie.  Such a super fun day.


Lisa said...

Seriously? I have already commented 2x on this post. I just came to the conclusion that it doesn't "take" my comments unless I am signed in? that is weird.

Last time, now that I am signed in, condensed version of my comment..

Love Cole carrying Charlotte! and the pic of them together.. one for the wall.. keep it to show them in middle school when they are fighting :)

Mom said...

Your photog skills and that fabulous camera are ready for anything! Love the whole walk; I almost feel as though I was there! I just have to tell you, though,...those are cattails, not pussy willows!

Katrina said...

They're hilarious. I love all the pictures of Cole carrying Charlotte. Such a great big brother. :)