Super Sevins


Sunday Fun

I realized that with my last post that I skipped a day so we are rewinding for a moment to take a look at some happy kids!  Leaf piles will do this to anyone. :)

After we were done with scattering more leaves around the yard we set off to find our perfect pumpkin.  Along the way we saw that the Londonderry fire station closest to us was having their open house. It was complete with a demo of a chimney fire, using the water hose to take down some "fires" and trying on all of the fireman gear.  We spent a good hour and half there. The kids loved it!

 We didn't find our pumpkin in the fields this year.  Too many were harvested or rotted from so much rain!  I just love this picture of Cole with his hands in his pockets. He tends to do that sometimes when he is telling us a story or something.  It's cute.


Katrina said...

Fun! I love the photo of Charlotte wearing the boots. They look almost as big as her! :)

Lisa said...

I am so jealous of Charlotte's hair! You should definitely do locks for love someday.. someone would love that hair!

I am very impressed that you stood in the line for the fire hose! Thankfully the boys were not insisting on fighting the fire... when we were there at least the line was down almost to the end of the driveway! No thank you :)