Super Sevins


Halloween Prep

Not having power did not stop us from taking the time to carve our pumpkin for Halloween. (Although I will say the no power gave me an excuse to let the kitchen get messy as evidenced in the background. What? It was dark in there!)

 The kids did a little scooping. Neither one put their hands in there this year!  Instead, Rob let Brendan borrow his amazing power tool that whips out all of the gunk for you!  Awesome!

 I promise you no kids were tortured in the making of these pictures.  It may appear that way though. 

 Note to self: get out of the reflection.

 Awww, we love our pumpkin.

 Have six-year-old boy, comedy will ensue.

Have four-year-old girl,  cuteness will abound.


Lisa said...

Love it! Love that you got yourself in the photos too! haha! Smart doing just one pumpkin.. I may try to pull that off next year!

Mom said...

So that's the story of the pumpkin! I saw it while the power was still out but the kids didn't tell me all that !
Good job carving the face, Brendan!