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Trick or Treating

 November has been a big fat bust when it has come to blogging or even photography in general. Not sure if I've lost interest for a little bit, have been too tired, or too busy or a little of each of those things.  Regardless, we can chalk my 365 photo project to being a dud for November.   And obviously I am WAY behind on blogging.  The good thing is that I think I just have this post and then the Mountain House post (and of course Thanksgiving) and then I shall be caught up here.  So not to worry, you are not too far behind in being caught up on my super exciting life. :)

We were lucky to have all of the cousins and Grammy and PawPaw again over for Trick or Treating this year.  Since it was postponed from Oct 31st to November 5 because of Snowtober,  Aidyn and Olivia and Cameron had already gone several times before we went in Londonderry.

There was a lot of playtime of course.  PawPaw and Grammy were sitting on the patio by the firepit and since Cole has had his share of both scary stories around a fire this past summer and good stories told by PawPaw, he begged for a scary story from PawPaw.   They got a good one complete with green fingers that detached from a hand and spooky noises. They all alternated between laughing hysterically, being completely intense and engrossed.  I wish I had room and time to post all of their facial expressions. It is quite hilarious.

 One of my favorite blogs, had recently posted about chocolate dipped cookie dough pops.  I decided to try them out with the kids.  'Cause we all needed more sugar.  They were so good!

 Then it was time for the main event!  They were all so excited to go!

 With the Rogers!

 Red solo cups made their way on the walk around the neighborhood this year.   I wish I had taken this photo 2 seconds earlier and it would have looked as if Ethan was in the cup. :)

 I just LOVE this little girl!!

What a blast!  We traveled longer than usual this year and the kids made out with a lot of candy.  Olivia got tired of it (I guess if you go three times then it gets to be enough after awhile) and I needed to leave early to get dinner ready for the gang so she and I left with a couple houses to spare. She was my helper in the kitchen making salad and bread.  I just adore all of my nieces and nephews and am so glad I can spend so much time with them!

Cole and Charlotte's candy disappeared after a week. :)  They never even noticed that Brendan brought it to work and it was no longer available to them. 

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Lisa said...

Looks like an entire day of fun! So nice! Those pops look yummy. I feel like "Red Solo Cup" should be playing in the background of Brendan's picture!