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Thanksgiving 2011

 For the first time in six years  I did not cook Thanksgiving dinner.  I was really bummed!  Aside from photography, cooking and baking is probably one of my favorite things to invest some personal time in.   But my Mom enjoys having the family over and asked that we go over their house this year so we obliged.  However....  I never got to eat any turkey! Long story short, my parents planned to grill the turkey but it didn't work out in our favor very well. :)  Next year I am cooking again! Oh well, Mom the mashed potatoes and homemade applesauce was wonderful. :)
Football is a big part of Anderson Thanksgiving.  Watching it is one thing but there is also lots of football out in the yard.  We used to pair up and have a game in the front yard when I was younger. I remember one Thanksgiving... Kerry must have been about 9 months old or so and we were playing football, Kerry was in the stroller.  We look over and somehow she had tumbled out of the front of the stroller headfirst! I laugh about it now because she is fine (well, I guess that is debatable! haha!) but at the time I felt bad for her. :)  The girl just wanted to join in the football game!  

 Cole always makes this face when he is concentrating. Someday that football is going to smack that tongue! 

 My Dad and Brendan  playing tackle football.  Hilarious.
 The wooden swing set that we got when I was eight is looking a bit worse over the years but the monkey bars, swings, and trapeze are still useable.  Charlotte loves the monkey bars!

 Oh Dakota.  I love you so but you are getting older and it makes me sad. I do love this pic of her and my Dad though.

 The many faces of Kerry.  How was she blessed with both curly blonde hair and blue eyes?! 

My parents front yard has been an ongoing project.  Awhile ago they ripped out about 20 trees in the front and side yards.  They have since smoothed out the small hill and now its ready for grass in the spring.  I wish it was the way it was when I was little.  :(  Can you tell I'm not good with change?! 
The kids loved the tractor though!

So two blog posts in one day.  I have finally taken a break from some other hobbies I've taken up lately.  One of them is that I finally returned to knitting which I started two years ago. I made an easy hat for Charlotte and I am bursting with pride.  Once I sat down to do it and stopped twisting the yarn it wasn't so bad!  I'll post pics soon.  I'm making one for Cole now!

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Lisa said...

Thanksgiving without a Turkey will be a great memory you'll never forget!!!

The pictures of your sister are beatiful!