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Christmas Eve 2011

Well, all the pre Christmas activities are going to have to wait a bit. Maybe I'll do a rewind  post after the Christmas posts.  Who knows? I'll leave all of you in suspense. Ha-ha!  
As is tradition for the past several years, Brendan's parents and my family came over for Christmas Eve.  The night reads pretty much the same every year with lots of beloved traditions that the kids are now looking forward to:  candle light church service, lots of food, sprinkling of "reindeer food", tracking Santa on NORAD (a huge favorite), and the ceremonious cookies and drink for Santa.   But first we have pictures in front of the tree while everyone still has their finest on. Well, let's be honest, Brendan is the only one that changes after church!
So let the parade of portraits begin!  Just how many different combinations of people can there be?

But first the goofs. Twirling, sock off, and the look of "what is going on?"

LOVE this one!

You can see the smiles are starting to be a little forced here. And look at those pink cheeks! That means they are tired.

Oh that smile is back! Because she has chocolate of course!

Really Kelly? Three pics and you had to have your hand on your waist in each one? 

The look of desperation. "No more pictures please!"

Getting ready to go outside but one more check on Santa to see where he has been.

The conversations are always spirited when this group gets together!

Spreading reindeer food. The next morning without even looking outside Cole told Charlotte that the reindeer ate it all up and Charlotte was so excited.  

Each year they pick eggnog to give to Santa.  Jay showed us a video on his phone of last year when Charlotte was drinking from the cup the whole way to delivering it under the tree.

They gave Santa a choice of cookies this year.

It's hilarious. All of the adults sit on the couches and clap when Cole and Charlotte walk over.  

The PawPaw read "The Night Before Christmas."

And Grandpa read "What Does Christmas Mean?"
Cole and Grandpa continue to "argue" about football. Who is better? The Patriots or the Bears?

On the way up to bed Cole pretends to act like it's Christmas morning.  They were both so excited. Charlotte was doing a little dance, insisting she had to go to bed as she didn't want to see Santa.  I had to laugh.

All set! After finally going to bed at 1am Brendan and I were exhausted!


Lisa said...

I love all your family pictures each year! It must be so fun to look back on to see how everyone has changed!

Love Christmas traditions! Best holiday EVER!!

I guess we are kind of mean!! We didn't do the reindeer food this year since there was no snow we figured you wouldn't be able to see it! oh well... hopefully next year we'll have a white Christmas!

Dianna said...

Love family traditions and reading about others is so fun!! Glad you had a Merry Christmas! :)