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Christmas Morning

 Oh Christmas morning.  Is there anything more exciting?  We nicely asked the kids to stay in bed until 7am.  Cole woke up at 6:15 of course, which he never does.   We stayed in bed awhile longer (I know we are so mean) and then Brendan did is regular walk through the downstairs with the camera while the kids and I waited eagerly upstairs.  So excited!!

And then the gate was removed and they raced downstairs.  We ran to the TV room to gather the stockings.  

 We take turns opening gifts so it is not just made craziness. It actually works really well and I'm always surprised to see that the kids are thrilled for one another and wait patiently.  Charlotte got to open the first gift this year.
 In it was her beloved Rapunzel dress. There were four things on Charlotte's list this year: Rapunzel dress, Rapunzel hair, Rapunzel shoes, and a plastic bird.  Yeah, the last one perplexed me too. I don't know where she got that one and I didn't know what to do with that information.   Anyway. she was ecstatic when she opened this up and has worn it pretty consistently since that morning.

 Cole was harder to shop for this year but there are some things that are pretty standard for a six year old boy.  He was very happy with his gifts. :)

 Emily has been Charlotte's side often since she got her.  This was the present *I* was excited for.

 My favorite part of the morning was when we exchanged gifts that we had bought for one another. Cole's school had put on a winter winter wonderland and santa shop earlier in the year where kids can go through and pick out gifts for their family with the assistance of a volunteer. We gave Cole $10 and he was so proud of the gifts that he picked out for us. It was adorable to see.  

 This picture makes me so happy. Cole had picked out a necklace that said "princess" and was asking Charlotte, "Do you love it Charlotte?"

 And a #1 Mom clip/magnet for me.  Best present ever. :)

 Charlotte picked out a little spongy Stitch thing for Cole.

 And the gift from us to the family... the Kinect for the Xbox. Charlotte was less than impressed at the time.  Oh well.  We all love it now!

 Already putting on new clothes on her doll.

 Brendan put together Cole's race car track with his new fedora on.  :)

  Got this super duper easy recipe from Pinterest (love!).  Basically monkey bread without rolling up the dough into balls.  So incredibly yummy.
 And mimosas for the adults of course!

 We really want to encourage a learning (and love of!) music. This has been what Cole is interested in so in a couple months or so we may also get him lessons.  

And this breakfast topped off our super great morning.  Presents may not be what Christmas is truly about but there really is nothing like this morning- magic, excitement, happiness, and love.  


Katrina said...

I just love their expressions. You can tell how happy and excited they are.

I asked Charlotte if Santa brought her the Princess necklace on Christmas and she was so proud to tell me Cole had given it to her. :)

Lisa said...

The kids are so cute waiting a the top of the stairs! Which by the way look very festive and magazine-esque!

I don't think Charlotte needs Rapunzel hair... she already has it growing from her head!!!!