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Christmas with the Sevins

Later on Christmas we visited Ethan and Katrina in their beautiful new house and had Christmas dinner with them and Brendan's parents.  They actually had snow up in the north so it was a nice Christmas touch. Nice for Christmas and then I was done with it Although, some sledding around here would be nice!  But I digress...
 Of course Charlotte got right back into her Rapunzel dress. Doesn't it look like Addy wants to grab it and put it on?

But then she found Aidyn's costume stash and this adorable Spiderman came out with her sidekick, Batman!
We had a very nice dinner, the kids went to bed, and we started watching Love Actually. I think I made it through the opening song and then was out like a light.

The next day we went over to Brendan's parents and had a fun together with almost everyone.  Unfortunately Ethan had to work.  Charlotte, Cole, Cameron, and Aidyn couldn't wait to open presents.   Poor Olivia was still feeling under the weather so she was resting in bed.

These kids are just goofs.

These two are SUCH good buddies. Always have been. I don't think I have ever seen them get into a fight, they have never told on one another for something the other did, they are always ecstatic to see one another.   They are great friends.  I am so thankful they have that relationship.

There was an order to the gift unwrapping of course!  PawPaw looks on to see how the stocking presents are going.

Addy looks on from the sidelines.  She'll be in that mix soon enough!

Oh don't you just love presents?!

Beautiful girl.

Thank you cousin Jessica for these fabulous scarves!

Charlotte adores her fancy new shoes.

Giving Grammy and PawPaw their gift.

We got them a new family photo! Charlotte and Addy were not in the last photo so we had to have it redone.  It came out great and no one was blinking this time!

Poor Olivia.  PawPaw helped her to open her gifts.  
Later on Olivia called Charlotte into her room and they sat and talked just the two of them for quite awhile.  I wish I could have taped their conversation.

Both boys got a new DS game so we gave them a little bit of time to try them out.  Look at Cole's concentration!  Tongue out and everything.

Aidyn looks so much older in this picture! I think its the longer hair.  I love it!

He laughed and laughed when Uncle Damien tied him in a pretzel.

But his sister cried when Damien got a little excited in her face!  haha!

Olivia was feeling better for some play time on the bed.


And the post will end the way it began... with a pic of these two lovely ladies!

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Katrina said...

I love looking at all these photos. How can you not smile at all those cuties?! These are memories they'll hold onto forever.

...I'm going to go before I start getting all emotional...