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Finally! Sledding...

Last weekend while Brendan was off on his annual guys' trip to Foxwoods,  the kids and I entertained ourselves with lots of fun things. One of them was going sledding at Mac's with the Chau's.  We had just received a couple inches of snow the days before. It was cold but still there wasn't a ton of snow.  It was the first time we could go to Mac's given this crazy mild winter.  I love sledding there and although I am ok with not having 5 ft drifts of snow, I do miss going sledding a lot!  The kids had a blast. 

 You can't really tell from this picture but Sam was definitely the daredevil of the day.  It was nice since Mac's folks had cut down a lot of the brush that in years past you would plow into after going down the big hill. And the grass poking through helped slow down the sleds a bit, just enough for me not to stop them from going into the woods but fast enough for them to love it!

 Abby dubbed this one the Lands End commercial.

 And after an hour of sledding they had enough of climbing and walking in general. :)

Pretty sure my kids expect that at every get together with friends that there will be a group picture.  haha.
I'm hoping for one more time at least to go sledding at Mac's!  


Abby Chau said...

Love these Kel. Especially the one of Meisee and Charlotte coming down the hill. It might be our only sledding outing this year based on the weather!

Lisa said...

So Jealous!! I sure hope it snows again! We have done zero winter outdoor activities (minus skiing I guess) since Snowtober!! How depressing! I feel like the kids are totally being deprived of their childhood this winter!