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This year Cole tried out the rec league basketball.  He has really enjoyed it and is looking forward to getting a real basketball hoop for our driveway this summer!  We play with the Little Tikes one but it is just not the same. :)  
The 1st grade league is run by a main coach, who is super fantastic with the kids.  I was really impressed. He runs the drills perfectly,  teaches them exactly what they need to know, and expects a lot out of them.  Lots of hustling and no sitting down while waiting your turn for a drill! This is good for them.  The first half of the season was all drills as the kids got used to dribbling, passing, and shooting (triple threat!).  Cole definitely improved a ton on his dribbling and passing and well, shooting too.  The second half of the season they played "full court" (in the elementary school) games.  Often they also played Monkey in the Middle to increase defensive and passing skills.  Cole loved this game and often asked to be the monkey. 

They had shooting contests of which group could get in the basketball the most in a certain amount of time.  I think healthy competition is good for them and Cole thought it was great.

Explaining a drill.


 Cole had a great season and can't wait to play again next year! This kid loves sports!

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Katrina said...

Awesome! He's going to have to show us how it's done when you get your hoop. :)