Super Sevins


Here Comes the Sun...

I'm Walking on Sunshine...
Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy...
Steal My Sunshine (hello? Len?  Anyone remember?)
and my personal favorite
You are my Sunshine...

Oh, how we basked in the glorious warmth last week!  It was alas too good to be true and we are back to winter jackets and hats this week.  But for a week it was wonderful.  I took advantage of said sun and tried to be more creative with harnessing that light.  I read once or several times maybe, that photographers love sun flare but clients do not.   Interesting because if I was a client I would, but I am also a photographer.  So there's that. :)  

ANYway,  with bubbles and friends and fairy wings the girls had a grand ole' time.

 My favorite.

 And while the girls chased the sun's rays, Cole tried out his negotiating skills on Rob to get Caden to come over for dinner.  

 They both tried. 
(Both Rob and I said no as it was a  Sunday night and Cole was actually quite tired from having attended not one but two birthday parties that day.)

Cole's face when he realized defeat.

One last more in the sun.  
Such a sweet face this boy has.  I love him so!

I can't wait until the sun and warmth returns for good!

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