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Beginning and End of Winter

It's been cold here for months but without snow it hasn't really felt like a true winter (hey, I grew up in NH, this is what I know!).  So for four glorious days in the beginning of March, we had enough snow on the ground to sled, make snowmen, goof around, and bask in the wonderful white stuff.  So much snow was taste tested by my kids that I'm pretty sure they were well hydrated for the rest of the weekend! :)
One thing Cole and Charlotte look forward to every year is going sledding across the street at the Rogers'.  Now the hill is not nearly as tall or steep as Mack's but Rob ends up building a snow pile at the bottom (that is supposed to act as a deterrant so they don't fly into the street, but sometimes acts as a jump), and the kids pile on the sleds and they have an absolute blast.  Thank goodness for great friends living across the street!

Before the Rogers' got home, we played on our side yard and tried to sled down our short little hill. 

Gosh, she looks like such a big girl in the picture. 

Charlotte is hilarious.  She is a girl of many expressions. She is both a drama queen and clown. I say that with love of course.  She loves to make folks (and herself) laugh and she knows what she wants (and doesn't want). 

The snow was perfect for making snowmen!  Cole rolled the base and I made the top two tiers.
We made a wife for the snowman but it was knocked down the next day. 

After sledding down the hill,  Cole laid down to rest and just stayed there for a few moments.  He is so me!  I love to relax in the snow. Sounds silly I know but it's rather peaceful!

Then it was off to the Rogers'!

And that was our grand winter adventures. Packed into a couple days but oh what fun!

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Katrina said...

I love all those sledding pictures!! Their expressions are great.