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Sledding part 1

Last week we took advantage of the snow storm and went sledding for only the second time this year at Mack's.  I think we spent about two hours there and had a complete blast.   This above picture is so Cole.  

 Yumm. Snow!   
Charlotte is really growing up. This year she hardly even asks me to carry the sled up for her (usually she does towards the end of our stay).  It's amazing to see how indepedent she is.  I wonder if she would have been that way if she was the first born?  

 Mason was so proud of himself sliding down the hill!

Of course a snowball fight ensued.  Brendan was pretty proud of himself or tackling two young children. haha.  

 These two completely wiped out but they thought it was hilarious.

Sam's hat shows just how many tumbles he took.

For Cole's and my last run we went to the very top of the hill. There is the top where we usually start from and there is a smaller hill that sits on top of the big hill. We started there and with the sled we were using I was pushing snow into our faces from my boots out in front of us.  We laughed and laughed and then laughed some more when we realized we broke the plastic sled right down the middle on the way down.     I'll be honest- this snowless winter has been great but it has also been nice to have 1 or 2 snow storms (that melt days later)  to enjoy some of this time.  The kids LOVE it.

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