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Miss NH Tea

Brendan's parents have been very actively involved with the Miss NH scholarship program (it is NOT a beauty contest!) for many years.  They do a lot for the organization and by doing so some very talented women have had a great deal of money to go on in their higher education.  Being on the periphery for so long, I have seen girls/women grow in their confidence in public speaking, in championing various good causes or charities, and just generally being invested in their own well being. I have seen the Miss NH's be very successful in their careers and future endeavors.   Miss America isn't to be confused with Miss USA which as far as I can tell is only based on good looks.  
A couple weeks ago a fundraiser was held for the Miss NH program which involved a tea and dress up for little girls.  The Sevin's bought all three granddaughters new spring dresses which Charlotte was just gaga over. She loved hers.  If you've ever seen pictures of the three Sevin boys when they were young, then you know that the Sevins love to dress them alike. It was similar for these girls and they just looked so adorable!  I had asked Katrina to make a hair bow for Charlotte to match and she did an fantastic job crafting one for Charlotte and making a purple one for Olivia too.  I love that big bow southern-style!

Addy wasn't too pleased with being held by either Olivia or Charlotte. She was her happiest when they let go and she could explore the grass.  But the older girls tried to get her to smile at the camera anyway!

A rare one of me!  I've got to remember to take more photos with the kids.  Love this one though.

There were sweets of all sizes there. So yummy. Charlotte was in heaven with all of the treats as well as drinking hot chocolate out of a very fancy  tea cup.

One of the other highlights was dancing with the Miss NH and the other title holders up on the "stage". Charlotte and Olivia had a blast!

Picture with the Sevin's program (Miss Lakes Region) title holders.

And a pic with Miss NH. Of course Addy was only interested in the sparkly necklace!  

And...she's had enough.

It was 80 degrees that day and beautiful. We had fun but couldn't wait to get home and play outside with the boys!  Fun pics of that to come!

Thanks Grammy and PawPaw for a great time!


Mom said...

What a lovely idea! The girls are so beautiful anyway; their dresses are gorgeous - future contestants??! Lovely Mom, too!

Katrina said...

They're all just so adorable. It was fun seeing them all dressed up in their fancy dresses. :)

Lisa said...

So pretty! what a fun idea! My nieces went to one somewhere in MA (not pageant related though)... I need to find something like this to take my grandmother to with Cora! They'd both love it!