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Wet and Wild

A couple weeks ago the weather was really hot and I'm not sure how this started but a water fight erupted first with the water jugs, then with the cups, then with those hose.  To sum it up, after it was all over, Cole just said with a smile, "Well, that was really fun."
The kids didn't care how soaked they were or how cold the water was.  No one cried when water got in their face. Just pure fun!

Here, Cameron, I'll help you.  Oh, just kidding.

I love that face on Cameron.  He's coming after Cole, you just know it.

Olivia very carefully balances her cup. 
Aidyn watched from the sidelines for awhile but then I gave him a big cup and he jumped right in.

Oooo, right down the back!

And again!

Sneak attack.

Well, I guess the car needed a wash.

After they dried off, we made a whole mess of driveway people. This is one of Cole and Charlotte's favorite activites, have someone trace them (or me) and then color them up.  Their artistic styles have become very detailed.

Cole was pretty proud of his!

I'm going to try to blog every day until we leave so I'm caught up before vaca!

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Lisa said...

Goodness I apparetly have not visited blogger for any length of time recently! This looks like such a fun cousin day! Such great memories they are making!!