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All Kinds of Preparation

 First up:  baseball prep!  We went over to the town rookie field for some practice before the season began.  Cole loves to catch the pop ups.   He had to wear his last season shirt for our practice.  

Cole absolutely cracks me up.  Any time he is catching a ball whether it is baseball or a football, his mouth is wide open. I guess it's his way of concentrating?  I'm not sure but we keep telling him to close it or he is going to get his teeth smacked by the ball one day!

Charlotte just being Charlotte as Cole practiced.

I can't remember what he was telling me at the time but it looks it was a good story!

 My little angel. :)

 Then, of course, there is Disney prep.  Brendan plans to a "t" for this trip and it usually works out wonderfully!   We book our trips through Small World Vacations and a couple weeks before the trip they send all of the luggage tags and other things we'll need to check in. The kids were going to the mailbox every day as soon as we got home from school/work to see if it came. When it did they had to wait for Brendan to come home to open it and they were just so giddy!

 Finally, there was Easter prep.  The kids each had 12 eggs to decorate  and boy did they have fun doing that.  It's always disappointing when the coloring of eggs is over but then of course there is Easter morning to look forward to!

 The pose.

 When we told Charlotte it was time to go to bed  because the Easter Bunny was coming, she put on a half fake, half real scared face.  She wasn't afraid he was coming; she was more afraid that she would see him.  Haha.  She did the same thing with Santa this year.

Finally, there was of course the "these are my eggs, those are yours" argument.  Mommy settled that one pretty quick.

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