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Disney Vacation Day 1

All ready to go!

And finally... the long awaited, much anticipated, highly sought after Sevin family vacation photos!
Well, day 1 anyway.  There will be 8 more posts after this one. Whoo-hoo!

So pretty much any one that knows us (or particularly Brendan, let's be honest), knows we love Disney.  And we began last August planning our trip.  We knew several other families going at the same time so we ended up booking restaurants and hotels at the same time.  What an awesome time we had!  
We had a very early flight out of Boston on Saturday so we decided to stay in a Boston area hotel the night before and take their van into the airport. It worked out perfectly. We got dinner at Margarita's, the kids swam in the pool, and then went to bed early.  We were so excited!  Charlotte was excited to ride on the mini bus to the airport.

I remember taking lots of flights when I was younger and the anticipation of going on a plane was just so great.  We had a flight to DC, changed planes and then onto Orlando. The nice thing is that on the way to Orlando I got a seat by myself and Brendan took care of the kids!  Two full hours to just sit and read. It was awesome!
Getting to Orlando airport esepcially coming from cold New England is always a treat.  You see palm trees and you can usually feel the humidity and heat as you step off of the plane.  It was a little cooler than expected but still shorts weather and there weren't any complaints from us, that's for sure!

 No, these guys aren't related at all, huh?! :)
Love this photo.  
Cole and Brendan really are such pals now. Cole really looks up to Brendan and loves being just like him.

 Brendan does an excellent job of planning our Disney vacations.  I am always impressed by what we can fit into our week.  The first day we had dinner plans with the Batts and Hynds but first we went to Hollywood Studios.  This is a great park but more so for Cole's age and up rather than Charlotte's.  
 We took so many photographs that I definitely took the same photo more than once because I forgot what I took a photo of!

 Everything is BIG in Hollywood studios, including the sets.  Cole loves this show...which we actually ended up seeing later in the week.

 While Cole and Brendan went on Star Tours Charlotte and I went to meet Phineus and Ferb instead.  They were tall!

Later on we went to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort for dinner. I wish I had access to the group photo we took with the Batts and Hynds but its on the Disney Photo Pass and I won't have the cd for another couple weeks.  I'll post it later.  
This was a great way to start our vacation...with friends and meeting the characters. The kids were so, so excited.  

Oh, this photo makes me laugh every time I look at it. Caitlin was enamored with Donald and his soft feathers!  She kept rubbing them and hugging Donald even when he wasn't looking. It was so cute.

Minnie came around and gave everyone at the table a kiss.  The boys thought that was hilarious and gross! 

Yummy food and crazy characters.  Great way to end day 1!
We went to the Batt's suite afterwards and were blown away by the awesomeness that is the Disney Vacation Club!  We are definitely buying into that some day!


Dianna said...

Yeah vacation pics!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Abby Chau said...

I've been waiting anxiously for these posts to start rolling in. Looks fantastic. Everyone looks so happy. Chris + Minnie = Priceless.

Lisa said...

I am also very excited for your vacation pics to start flowing! That picture of Cole and Brendan is great! And I love the infamous hat photo.. Most of all I am impressed how lovely you look with your hair all flowy, earrings and a dress! I would be a Florida sweaty mess in a ponytail! haha!