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Vacation Day #2 EPCOT!!

All of our days are planned and planned well while on vacation.  Brendan knows which parks open early, when we stay late, and when we can sleep in. Some days we go back for rests and some days we stay all day. It's all perfectly thought out.  Brendan planned and advised several other families' trips and I know he would do it full time if it paid well....which it doesn't because he already checked. haha!
Day #2 was  spent at Epcot.  We have several favorite rides there....Soarin' is one of them.  This year Charlotte was just shy of the 40 inches required but thanks to some spiffy shoes that added some  height she was ok!  She loved the ride and laughed during most of it, but for some reason didn't want to ride it again!  Go figure.  Brendan and Cole also rode Mission Space, the orange (or spinning) ride. Thank goodness Cole has Brendan because I would not go on those kinds of rides!  

 When you stay on Disney property, they bus you to the parks which is super convenient.  The Hynds stayed at the same hotel as us and were going to Epcot that same day too.  Cole and Aidan ran for seats on the back of the bus. They thought they were pretty cool back there.  I had to grab a pic from the front of the bus, while sitting with Charlotte and holding a stroller. :)

 The Living Seas is a really great exhibit where you ride through "finding" Nemo but also seeing some amazing aquatic life.   We also saw the show "Turtle Talk" where an interactive Crush talks to the kids.  This is a very cool show. A must see!

 In line for Spaceship Earth (the ride in the giant sphere).  This was a great day because although it was a bit cool (ok, low 70s!) the park was not that busy and there were virtually no lines. It was great.  

 We ate here for lunch. Brendan and I had eaten here during our honeymoon and couldn't wait to go back.  I love that everyone that "works" in France is actually from France.   (and all of the countries for that matter).  So authentic. When they called our last name when our table was ready, I wanted the girl to repeat the name she said it so perfectly. It just rolled off of  her perfect French tongue.  I'm pretty sure I butcher my married name on a daily basis.  haha.  I forgot what I had for lunch; isn't that crazy?!  It was wonderful though!

 The spring time is the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot. These flower structures are everywhere.  So beautiful.

 We found Alice in where else...but the English tea garden.

 I told Brendan to go for the "I'm in a glass case of emotion" theme and this is what I got. Then it was "Bond, James Bond".

 Now, he just looks cute in there!

 We encountered Daisy and Stitch on the way out of Epcot to go back to the hotel for a nap (Charlotte and I napped, Cole and Brendan did not.)  Stitch is super fun.  He is all mischievous and made Cole laugh.

 Back in the park for dinner and fireworks!

 I got a lot of this "I'm six and totally cool" pose from Cole.
I'll take it...sometimes. :)

 This is us trying to show Cole holding up the sphere!

 While Brendan and Cole went back on Soarin', Charlotte and I waited in line for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.  She would have waited for hours for these guys!  She adored Mickey, loved Minnie, was ok with Donald, refused Pluto (I don't know why!), and took a photo with me and Goofy.  This girl  cracks me up.    I really cherish these photos, especially because I have similar photos when Charlotte was two.  I think these make me sentimental because I can see my children growing up just by the way they act at Disney, what they are interested in, and what they want to do.  This time goes by so quickly!  This is how Brendan convinced me that we need to go more often.  It's not long before she is tired of seeing Mickey, could care less about princesses, and would rather run off with her friends than me!  Sniff, sniff.  Enjoy the moment!!

 Brendan and Cole got done before us and were peering in while we took photos.

 After that we headed over to Norway to have dinner at Akershus with the Batts.  Now, we did this because it is dinner with the princesses. However, I would not go again. The food was terrible.  I would rather go to the Royal Table at the castle.  Charlotte and Caitlin loved it though and were so enamored with each princess.  For this reason alone, it was worth it!

 Best Buds.

 The boys were not pleased with sitting through a dinner with the princesses.  Not pleased in the fact that they were extremely silly and would not take photos with them! Oh well.  Ariel tried to pacify them but to no avail.

 Snow White is my favorite princess.  She is light and airy and very sweet.

 We staked out a spot around the lake for the fireworks display, grabbed some beers for the adults and light up toys for the kids and settled in.  

 Such a fun crew!

This picture doesn't do the display justice. I like my firework pics from the Magic  Kingdom better.  However, this show is really very fabulous....awesome music, lasers, fire, and fireworks.  Great way to end day 2!

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Lisa said...

So fun! Really makes me want to go! I love all of Cole's poses... he is clearly Brendan's son!