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Disney Vacation Day #3 Magic Kingdom!

Are you getting tired of the photos yet? Good, me neither. 
I was so excited to get back to the Magic Kingdom. I wish we had started our vacation time!  This photo was taken right after we had dinner at Ohana's at the Polynesian. Best restaurant! And  what an amazing hotel! I want to stay there next time. The Polynesian is right across the lake from the Magic Kingdom, is on the monorail for easy access to the MK and Epcot, and is just generally a beautiful hotel with a beach on the lake.  I spoke with a co-worker who stayed at their "concierge level" and they got free drinks, a room with a view of the MK, and breakfast, etc.  Yes, please!

It was only about 65 degrees that morning with a slight breeze.  A little chilly but it soon warmed and we didn't mind! As always, we went into the park with an agenda.   Our first order of business was waiting in line to meet Rapunzel.  Again, Cole was less than thrilled but Charlotte was beyond herself with excitement.  We had to get to Rapunzel's line early because it fills up quickly and soon becomes a 45 minute wait.  We only waited for 10. :) That's how we roll.

 Autograph book is out and ready!

 After Rapunzel, we met the Hynds and the Batts at Space Mountain.  I think Cole and Brendan rode it twice in a row and I went on it the second time.  I screamed the whole way. 
After that we jumped in line for Peter Pan's ride which was a quick wait since it was early (the lines were 45 to 1 hour long later that day which I could NOT  imagine waiting in).  It's an oldie but goodie.

 Cole and Brendan went on the Haunted Mansion ride and Charlotte went on our stand-by, Prince Charming's Carousal.  She loves this ride and just like last time we rode it several times that week.

 Then we caught the Move It, Shake It Parade. The music is incredibly infectious, the characters are dancing, and then there is a full out dance party in the middle of the parade.  Super fun. Brendan's favorite parade I think!

 Then it was back for some rides.  Charlotte really wanted to go on the tea cups so there we go. She however, did not want to take a picture with Brendan in front of the sign.  Oh well. At least Brendan is smiling!

Thankfully Darlene went on with the girls. Charlotte loves to spin and spin fast!  There are two things about rides that I have never been able to take....spinning and fast drops.  No thank you.  

 In Tomorrow Land we encountered "Push" the talking trash can. This thing is great.  It's a remote controlled, interactive trash can.  I always get a kick of searching for the guy who is covertly controlling it.  Trash gobbles up real trash and says "thank you" when someone throws something away, asks people questions and tells jokes.  It's pretty fun.

It's all a blur but I think we went on Splash Mountain after that.  Charlotte was nervous about getting wet but I taught her how to duck down when we go down the hill and we didn't get wet at all.  She thought it was hilarious. The cut off for the ride is 40 inches and Charlotte was just shy of it, but due to some fancy props (piles of napkins in the shoes!) she made it!

Back to the hotel for nap before dinner.  Phew, I'm just tired recalling what we fit into our morning!

We met up with the Wyatt's along with the Batt's and Hynd's and had a blast.  The kids were nuts and just generally had a great time.  We knew it was time to leave when they all started crawling under the table.  haha!  Charlotte was ecstatic to see her beloved Maddie at Disney World!  

Ohana means what now?! Yes,! :)
It's a family style restaurant with out of this world coconut/pineapple bread,  Polynesian food, and plenty of yummy meat! I love this place.  

Parade through the restaurant.

 After dinner, we said good-night to our friends and took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom.  Yes, it's even more magical at night.  It don't know how but it is!

We used the Photopass photographers often for family photos!

 Posing them for a shot with Tinkerbell (she is photoshopped into their hands upon editing. It's cute.)

 The one ride we were sure to do at night was Dumbo. It's re-built in a new space and looks amazing at night. Cole and I rode together and he told me he took it easy on me by not going up and down so fast. Thanks buddy!  He realizes his Mum is not into thrill rides as much as Dad!

That day really did seem like a whirlwind to me.  So busy and we packed so much in!


Katrina said...

So cool! I'm seriously loving Charlotte's pillowcase dress outfit. And that picture of them napping is too funny haha. Mirror image of each other. :)

Lisa said...

I also love Charlotte's dress.. and her matching bows! That photo of her leaning off the carousel horse is precious!

I also love the photos of Brendan at the parade.. you can tell he is a kid at heart and LOVES Disney!