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WDW vacation Day 5: Back to the MK!

The whole gang!  

Wednesday we returned to the Magic Kingdom and started off with going into the park before it officially opened because we had breakfast reservations at the Crystal Palace.  This is a must do!  You get into the park while it is virtually empty and it is just such a neat experience.

Charlotte shows off her princess pose and the arms wide is one of three new Cole poses. :)

 There are magical bunnies roaming through the park!

The Crystal Palace  has all of the Pooh characters which Cole and Charlotte still love. Really how could you not love these lovable guys?

 Tigger engulfed a bunch of kids in a group hug and Brendan decided to go in for one two. Such a big kid! :)   Charlotte was surprised that Piglet was not a girl. She assumed he was because he was pink. 

I definitely got my quota and then some in family photos! So happy to have them.

We went off through Tomorrow Land to ride the Buzz Light Year ride and then to what was Toon Town to the Goofy Roller coaster. 

Charlotte kept close to Chris and even wanted to hold his hand.  She was his buddy for much of the trip! When we went on the roller coaster for a second time she asked to go on with him.

 Tall enough this year to go!  She giggled and laughed the whole way.

Cole pose #2.  Where did he learn this I wonder?!  

After we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride Chris bought all of the kids lollipops.  Yup, coolest parent ever.

We made our way to Adventure Land to ride Aladdin's carpet.  Before we did that we waited by the ride one of the camel statues "spit" water out. The kids laughed and laughed at that.  One of the Disney photographers caught them and ended up using a pic of Ryan and a pic of Charlotte on the Castle Show that night. It was pretty cool!

Next we saw Aladdin and Jasmine.  Aladdin was hilarious. He asked the kids if they had a pets, a pet monkey maybe?  Then he asked their names and asked if he could give them nicknames....Cole-abu...Char-raja?  Jasmine giggled but she wasn't as in character as I thought. Jasmine is supposed to be witty and clever. This girl was a beautiful face! :)  Oh well, the kids loved them.  Charlotte wanted to be Jasmine.

She had to stop and watch her friend talk to them too.

Charlotte and Caitlin opted not to go on Splash Mountain again.  The dads went on first with the boys and Darlene and I took the girls to a little play area by the ride. Charlotte took over.  She started "scaring" this little boy who (and you can't tell in this picture) was laughing and running away from her.  Every time she would stop he would look for her and another little boy would come up to her and say "Hey you have more scaring to do!"   She used to be so shy but she really is such a social girl and all of the kids had a good time together.

Waiting in line for the bus back to the hotel for a break.

 When we returned to the park it was time for the Bippity Boppity Boutique.  This is where the girls get pampered, get their hair done like princesses, their make-up and nails done. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Kissy lips for the lip gloss.

 Most. Adorable. Site. Ever.

We took the girls to see Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora while they were all dressed up and then onto the carousal.  They couldn't have been happier.

 When we met back up with the boys, we went onto Small World.  Charlotte walks in giving her best princess wave.  

Getting ready for the parade and Wishes fireworks.  Pretty much the best fireworks in the world.

We got Dole Whips for snacks.  These are AMAZING.  Pineapple juice and pineapple soft serve yogurt. Yum!

The fireworks got over at 10 and we got back to the hotel at about 11. Both kids fell asleep on the bus back so that made it challenging to get them off with bags and strollers!  It was a perfect and  wonderful day though.  Any day at the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorites!

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