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WDW vacation day 6: back to Epcot

On Thursday of vacation we had planned to go back to Epcot since  we didn't really see the "countries" the previous time we were there. We were all tired though and we took it easy getting in there. We got breakfast from the counter service, brought it out to the pool area, and just relaxed. It was awesome. 

After that we caught the little ferry that took us from the resort to Downtown Disney. It's about a 20 minute ride and is really quite enjoyable!

After going to Downtown Disney, buying too many souvenirs, going through a lost spray bottle and pin lanyard fiasco, we took the bus to Epcot. It ended up dropping us off at the Beach Club resort. I LOVED this place.  It was gorgeous and Epcot was literally a 5 minute walk from there.  We put it on our list of places to stay at next time!   

With the dining plan we were on, we get one snack per day.  We ended up in France and went to the bakery.  Cole and I got  chocolate mousse that was phenomenal.  You can see he is still the messy eater.  haha.

Charlotte's hairdo was gelled and shellacked within an inch of her life so it ended up staying quite well the next day.  She loved it.  Isn't she gorgeous?!  I might be biased...

We weren't really sure who this character was but the line was short and the kids didn't pass up a chance to get an autograph and a photo.  I thought at first it was Dina from Alice in Wonderland but apparently it was Marie from Aristocats. 

A street performer in France built a tower of chairs, then climbed them.  He always drew a crowd.  

We wanted to meet Mary Poppins but her line was closed so we met Alice again.  

In Epcot they have a cool spy game called Kim Possible (which is switching over to Perry and Dr. Doofenshmertz soon)  where you have a phone that gives you instructions and you go on a hunt for clues around the different countries. Cole thought it was so fun. 

 By that afternoon Florida weather had finally settled in and it was HOT.  We still waited 20 minutes in line to give hugs to Belle and the Beast.  To them it was worth it. :)

Ack! Cole and his hands in his pockets. He's such a little man. I love it!

This is old school Epcot and what I remember as a kid.  This is by the Figment of Your Imagination ride.  Lots of fun.

Oh my gosh. This photo makes me laugh every time that I look at it.  They have jumping fountains and a bunch of boys were putting their heads down in the fountain so that it sprayed them when it "jumped". Cole thought he would do the same thing however he neglected to put his head down and when the water "jumped" it sprayed him the face, straight up the nose.  As the mom I had to look concerned when he came over to me campaigning about water up his nose but  Brendan was laughing and laughing off in the background somewhere.

We met the Schwinns over in Germany for dinner at Beergarten.  So much fun! They have a great oompah band.  I would go here again and again.  Loved it. The kids had a blast dancing to the polka music.

 We walked slowly back through the park with the Schwinns, the adults picking up more drinks along the way.  The boys went on Mission Space. We had a great time with them and yup, another great day!

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