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WDW Vacation: Last Post...

Well, it's taken me a month to get through these photos but this is finally the last post of pictures.  
We spent our last full day at Hollywood Studios and the very last day at the Magic Kingdom.  Hollywood Studios is fun but probably my least favorite of the parks. There wasn't a lot to do for Charlotte just with her height. After the third time Cole and Brendan went on Star Tours Charlotte finally got enough courage to go with them.  She ended up loving it of course!
We started out the day at on  Toy Story Mania which the kids both love a lot.  It's a 3D game/ride that is just a lot of fun.  I always try to beat Brendan's high score but never can. :)

Cole saw the photo on the right and asked what he was doing there. I laughed and told him that I think he was posing.

When there is nothing else to do we search for characters which Charlotte loves!

Cole got an 11 o'clock slot to battle Darth Vader. He was super excited!

Charlotte and I chilled by the stage and had popsicles while we waited for the boys.

Learning to fight with the light saber. It really was a well done and comical beginning to the show.  

This was REALLY well done.  

 Great job Cole!

Charlotte and I found a sprinkling water fountain which kept her entertained for quite awhile.

 And the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground was beyond her favorite. We went there whenever we had a chance.  She loved the slides and the "spider web" which she wanted to do first with me but then by herself.  She is becoming so independent.  I want to slow her down! She's growing up too fast.

Brendan loves the Muppets. I love old fashioned movies. :)

 More snacks waiting for the car stunt show.

Oh my goodness.  This picture makes my heart melt.

Waiting for Fantasmic.
We met up with the Batts and watched the show with them. Afterwards the kids played around for awhile on the bleachers while we waited for the crowds to lessen.

The next day Cole and Aiden wanted to trade one of their pins for a pin on the board in the resort gift shop.  Cole found one and left his Lightening McQueen there.  I was sad because he loved this one when he was four but I didn't say anything to him about it. However, not two minutes later Cole looks all worried and wanted to come right back into the gift shop and traded his new pin back for the Lightening McQueen.  :)

The next day we visited MK and quickly went on some rides that we either hadn't been on yet or wanted to do again.  

Brendan and Cole had been on the Haunted Mansion already but we all went on this time. I kept telling Charlotte it wasn't real and was all fake but I'll be honest it was a little scary (she didn't say she was scared) and I don't think I would take a four-year-old again. I just want her (and Cole really) to be desensitized too soon.  Ah, just chalk it up to my protective mothering. :)

Last Dole Whip and ice cream and we said good-bye.

Back at the resort we played in the wishing well, got some dablooms, and talked to one of the cast members about the Disney Vacation Club. Someday we do that!

We usually get this shot on the way to Disney but this trip we took US Air in and Southwest out and this statue is in the terminal where Southwest is.   So sad to leave.  Charlotte still tells me at least every other day that she wants to live at Disney. 

Until next time!

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