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Father's Day- Ribfest

Lots of things happened between Mother's Day and Father's Day but I figure I'd start posting with this week's happenings and then work my way backwards!

We spent Father's Day at Ribfest as we  have for the past several years.  Everyone is pleased with this choice of Brendan's! We meet up with friends, have amazing food, the kids spend hours on the bouncy houses.....what more could you ask for?!

Brendan was VERY happy! Ribs and pulled pork and some other type of meat.  Really great! My kids of course had pizza.  At least 3 other boys in our gathering had ribs!   I was beyond impressed.

 After lunch we made our way back to the bouncy houses.  Damien and the kids joined us this year and I took Charlotte and Olivia  to the bouncy places of their choice since the boys were doing more extreme stuff like boxing etc.  Of course the girls had to go in the bouncy castle!

And the slide! Weeeee!

As every year, we had a mini air show.  It was as cool as ever!  

 Getting ready to go in the batting cage.

Charlotte is constantly asking to be tickled and Brendan happily obliges.  ( You may be wondering why her tongue is such an unnatural dark color.  She had one of those disgusting fake ice cream Scooby Doo bars from the ice cream truck. Yuck!)

The cool gang.

I love the Ribfest.  It was such a great day. Brendan was happy which made the rest of us happy too. :)

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