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Recap...Mother's Day

It feels like eons ago at this point but I really wanted to post these pics from Mother's Day. I'm so far behind on blogging! I really do take too many photos.

Brendan always plans a fantastic Mother's Day for me. It's always perfect!   
We spent a couple hours at my parents house in the morning and then headed off to one of my favorite areas in the world... Portsmouth.  It was such a beautiful day, perfect for the coast.  We walked around a little bit and then went to a fabulous place for a jazz brunch.  Now mind you, this is after we had gone out for breakfast in the morning which the kids begged for. I could eat breakfast 24/7 so that was fine with me.  At brunch, Cole and I both ordered the deep fried french toast.  It was absolutely amazing and tasted like fried dough but lighter.  Love!

After our jaunt around Portsmouth we drove over to New Castle Beach.  The tide was about half way out and so we looked for shells.  We found several crabs in the tide pools which was really cool! We weren't prepared for a beach venture so we didn't have towels to dry off feet or buckets or anything but we still had fun.  New Castle also has a great playground which the kids played on for well over an hour. And their big grassy field....well, that was just awesome. Races and twirling!  I love these photos of the kids. Charlotte kept saying, "I wish Mother's Day was everyday."  We were together, we were happy, and it was perfect.

Because when I'm near The Ice House it has a magnetic pull on me, we ended the day there with getting ice cream for dinner.  Everyone was tired and happy.  A perfect day.


Dianna said...

Great pics! What a fun way to spend the day!

Katrina Sevin said...

Beautiful day. Beautiful photos. Happy belated Mother's Day!! :)

Lisa said...

Looks like a great Mom's day!! Filled with love and food... what more could a mom ask for?!

Mom said...

Thanks for making MY M'Day terrific, too. Your sense of adventure and sense of wonder are always going to give you days of happiness!