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Water Country!/Cole Turns 4!

For Cole's 4th birthday we celebrated at Water Country!!  Amanda's Mum was kind enough to get us tickets since she is Queen Lifeguard over there and we are very grateful to her for that! Cole had a blast as always.  Charlotte of course clung close to me as she always does when she needs to get used to the situation. By the end of the day she was having so much fun over in the pirate area and loved sliding down the whale slide and the parrot slide.   We had a wonderful day (but missed Aidyn and Katrina of course!) and Cole had a very satisfying birthday!

I don't know what possessed us to take 4 very tired children to a sit down restuarant afterwards but it was ok other than Charlotte hollering and running around like a banshee. Oh well- she had fun- and I'll never see those other people again (the other customers I mean, not my family! ha-ha!)
The girls! I think by next year they will be playing together!


doubletrouble said...

Happy birthday Cole!!! Looks like fun!

Lisa said...

Looks like so much fun!! I used to LOVE Water Country when I was younger... I can't wait to go back some day!

I love the picture of Charlotte in your new header! She looks so grown-up!

Katrina said...

It looked like so much fun!! Still sad we missed it.

I love your new header!