Super Sevins


Let's Play a Game Called...

..What on earth was Kelly thinking??!!

This morning I walked into a bathroom at work and realized I had put on a dark bra with a light colored sweater and it was so obvious! Mortified doesn't begin to describe what I was feeling....

When I proceeded to leave the house this morning was I thinking:

a) "Wow, I need to attract some attention to myself because I just LOVE being the center of attention."
b) "I want to wear my coat all day and no, thank you, I am not hot. Yes, I realize it feels like 80 in here, but maybe I'm coming down with something?!"
c) "Self, best to dress yourself in the dark this morning and really who needs to look in the mirror before you leave."
d) "Time to really impress my new group with my fashion sense!"
e) Get the kids breakfast. Pack lunches. Play. Find a way to carefully put those baby food prunes into Charlotte's yogurt. Hurry, Hurry! Coats. Hats. Brrr! Cold! By house! Off for the day.

Oh, man.  This will seriously teach me to look in the mirror and evaluate what I put on in the morning!!  Where, oh where, is the fashionista I semi- used to be?! :) Woe is me!!


Amanda said...

Well, thank you for the morning chuckle, anyway :)

Lisa said...

Haha!! great post! Well.. I guess it could've been worse.. you could have forgotten the bra altogether!

Katrina said...

That's hilarious Kelly. I agree with what Lisa said haha.

Mom said...

OH YEAH! iT ONLY HAS TO HAPPEN ONCE ! A laugh at oneself is the best teacher!