Super Sevins


My Favorite Faces and Sledding in our yard

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this photo. The pink cheeks and all of the surrounding color followed by that little twinkle in Cole's eyes. I might enter into the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week. I just adore it!

Tricks with the new lens and I love Cole's expression!

Cole was kind enough to be my subject for this tree light bokeh! I love these pictures!

That is one sad fairy! She was saying "no pictures ma-MA!"

She looks wild and crazy but was laughing up a storm!

Just sweetness!

More adorableness. :)

Oh goodness. Back. :)

Last Monday Cole and I tried out his new sled on our side yard. It was a lot of fun and just a prep for the big hill we battled with and conquered later on in the week!

And I just love these berries covered in snow!


doubletrouble said...

Great pictures Kelly! Cole and Charlotte are just too adorable for words! Oh, how i miss the snow too! And I love the new blog design. Happy New Year!

Katrina said...

Those are fantastic pictures!! I love the third one down of Cole-- he's so expressive.

Lisa said...

good, Good, GOOOD! Love the pics!! tree bokeh is great! What a good little subject you have! Perhaps next year I can borrow him! Mean face Charlotte is so funny! and the snow covered berries are devine! Cole's sledding pictures are great.. these kids just love to sled!! I'm glad!

Kerry said...

LOVE these pictures! That camera is amazing/you have ADORABLE children. :)